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December 09, 2020 2 min read

If you know anything about IVY, you know that we are huge supporters of small business. Obviously we are a small business ourselves, but we have invested a massive amount of money and time championing other small businesses! This is a list of some of our favorite brands and products. Hope you enjoy!



Men’s Jewelry/accessories:

Banks Leather Work

Buy it here!


Saint Street Jewelry

Buy Ring Here!



Women’s Jewelry:

Everli Jewelry

Buy Mountain Necklace!


Ample Goods

Buy Clay Earings!


Jac & Violet

Buy Earings Here!



Men’s Body/Face:

Jack Henry Co

Buy Deodorant Here!


Mae Soap

Buy Charcoal Soap!


Pacha Soap

Buy Vegan Essentials! 


Women’s Body/Face:

Mae Soap

Buy Oat Soap!


Pacha Soap

Buy Candy Cane Lane!


Bayou with Love

Buy Clay Mask! 


Coffee shops:

Madcap Coffee

Buy Holiday Fusion Blend! 


Dogwood Coffee

Buy Mixtape Blend! 


Barista Parlor

Buy Daredevil Blend!  


Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Buy Sample Pack! 


Five Watt Coffee

Buy Stocking Stuffer Blend! 



Parc Shop

Buy Envie Sweater! 



Buy One Pocket Shirt!



 Buy Warning BLK Shirt! 



Milwaukee Candle Co

Buy Oakmoss + Eucalyptus Candle


 Wax Buffalo

Buy Into The Woods!


Lyss Norris

Buy Custom Pet Portrait!


 Mads Err

Buy "Blue" Canvas!


Ike Wynter

Buy Sailboat Art! 



The Waxwing

Buy Love Thy Neighbor Banner!


Orange and Blue Co

Buy Flikr Fire! 


Local Nomad

Buy Scarf!


 City Bird Detroit

Buy Eclipse Glass! 




Buy The Fanny Pack! 


Will Leather Goods

Buy Lennon Backpack!



Buy Shinola Bag!




Earth + Element

Buy Cup and Saucer! 



Buy Stonewear Mug!


Dust and Form

Buy Pillar Light!


Also please don't forget that we are also a small business and you can shop our products here or our adventures here! Love you! 

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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