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May 28, 2021 3 min read

Okay, this one is for my ladies who love to adventure, but also just really like to look good in photos after you scale that mountain, or as you drive a 4x4 through sand dunes. 


I grew up with 4 brothers and a mom who had gorgeous natural curly hair, so I didn't know much about hair or make up until I was in my 30's. I had to wash my hair every day, and it would fall flat any time I tried to do something with it. I would often leave the hair salon feeling amazing and then want to have that same hair every day.

I started playing around with hair products because these make ALL the difference. I went from a few hours of my hair holding curl, to THREE days. This is ideal, because if you're on a trip, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time working on your hair.


I get asked often how I do my hair, so I am outlining the process & the products below. When followed properly, you should have at least 3 days of great hair!

Step 1. Wash your hair- I used to have to wash my hair EVERY DAY. Girl... nah. I have slowly been doing this less often over the last few years and now I only wash it once a week. To do this, I started going every 2 days. Do whatever you have to do to get an extra day- dry shampoo, pony tail, bun, etc. Once your hair adjusts to that, add another day, then another. 

My *personal* favorite shampoo & conditioner is from Pureology- I have linked the exact kind that I use below. It is a bit expensive, but I haven't found anything else that comes close to matching how it makes my hair feel. You can get the travel version here.


Step 2. Apply Kendra blow dry spray. This lessens the drying time, so your hair doesn't get as damaged. And it makes your hair SO soft and helps you have less flyaways. Seriously.... golden stuff.

Step 3. Spray Redken Iron Shape #11. This product changed my hair game. This is what allows my curls to last for days vs a few hours. Lightly spray this in your hair and brush through. Allow it to dry before curling.


Step 4. Curl your hair. I have medium length hair and I use a tapered barrel. I use a cheap one, nothing crazy- I've linked it below. I just like the look more, but feel free to use whichever iron from 3/4"-1 1/2". Allow your curls to cool down.



Step 5. Hairspray your hair. I use Sexy Hair hairspray and I have noticed a difference in hair sprays. You can find this on sale a lot at Ulta, and I highly recommend this one. Allow it to dry completely.

Sexy Hair Best products

Step 6. Brush your hair out. I use a flat-paddle brush and brush it until there are no tangles.

Step 7. Put oil on the tips of your hair if needed. I like doing this to tame any frizz that might have developed during the process & to give it some moisture.


Step 8. Hairspray (yes, again) the loosened curls lightly. Scrunch if needed.

Important follow up: at night, use a loose scrunchy or ponytail holder to hold your curls at the very top of your head. This way you don't smoosh your curls, and you get more body from the root direction.

I really like these Nylon ponytail holders. They don't pinch at all, but hold my heavy hair up. Some of it comes out at night, but it works well enough that my curls last and at the same time I don't get a weird crink in my hair from where the holder was.

In the morning, take it out, brush it, and add another layer of hairspray for the day.


I hope that this helps you and you enjoy your hair as you spend more time enjoying your vacation!


Sarah Line
Sarah Line

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