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September 18, 2020 3 min read

Ok, just keep in mind that we aren’t necessarily encouraging travel if it feels unsafe or irresponsible. We will leave that up to you + the travel restrictions put in place. Be sure to check with different guidelines and authorities. We are simply offering some insight to those who are braving the skies and seeing the world during this time.

COVID-19 has thrown many of us a curve-ball, but no industry has been hit quite like the travel industry. As states started opening back up, we have continued to forge adventures via air travel, and we wanted to share some tricks and tips for our community.

1. Airline Policies- Masks & Seating

The one and MOST important thing to remember is to bring a mask! Even though your state might not require one, many airlines require a mask on flight, and some states mandate them everywhere you go. 

Which airlines are requiring face masks?

Almost every airline is requiring a face mask for employees & passengers, with the exception of Allegiant Airlines and Sun Country Airlines. However, with another wave of COVID expected, this might change.

Which airlines are safest to fly during COVID?

Right now, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue and Southwest are blocking seats for sale to limit the number of passengers onboard. Other airlines are booking middle seats.

2. Airline changes- Snacks

Okay, this one pains us to say but…. Many airlines are forgoing any snacks. WHAT. Yes, it’s sad, but true. So show up like a pro with your own COVID-free food. Especially if you get hangry, like us. 

3. Boarding Changes- Temperature Screenings

Several airlines have adopted a thermal scanning when loading an aircraft. If you have a fever- for any reason- you will not be allowed on. If you’re concerned about this, take your temperature before leaving for the airport and contact the carrier if you have a fever.

4. Restaurants

If you’re like us, you like to venture out for a taste of local cuisine. However, COVID has made this slightly more challenging. 

Many restaurants are open on a make-shift basis. If the dining area isn’t open, many will do car-side orders, or you can utilize a drive-through option. We often hit up a local grocery store and get a lot of easy-to-make meals and use these for days of a lot of travel, or as a back up. We find it especially helpful to have breakfast options available if you’re staying in a hotel (see below). As a bonus, you’ll save money and have some healthy eats! 

5. Hotels

We will be the first to admit, hotel stays just aren’t what they used to be.

Hotels that typically offer a continental-style breakfast have scaled back and offer granola bars or oatmeal packets to eat in your room. We have noticed some that have just cancelled it all-together. 

Pools are either closed, or you will have to sign up for a time-slot to swim. Make sure you do this at check-in or you might miss your chance to get a dip in!

We have encountered several hotels requiring you to wear a mask any time you’re outside of your room along with the above-added measures. Each hotel is different, and often the employees are gracious. 

Final thoughts

While COVID has changed how travel feels, it has also created opportunities to see things in a much less-crowded capacity and flight prices cheaper than ever before. Bring a face mask, hand sanitizer, and be careful getting to where you’re going. Definitely take time to research the place you are going, take all precautions necessary, and be safe! Once you’re there, you’ll find plenty of adventures just waiting to be had.

Bon Voyage!

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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