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April 28, 2021 2 min read

The good news! Flights are cheaper than ever before. Our favorite search engines are SkyScanner & Flygrn. You can read our tutorial here on how to book tickets at the absolute best prices ever.

The bad news- airlines are charging you for anything you want to bring besides a "personal item" or a carry-on. But that's okay, because we have your back. Errr.... backpack!?

Carry-on sizes will vary from airline to airline, but typically you will be restricted to a backpack unless you want to pay an extra $40-50 each way.

I (Sarah) have personally not paid for additional luggage in about 7 years. But I want to look GOOD for all of those vacation photos! So I had to learn ways to compromise the most important items & pack the most efficiently to maximize what I bring. 

Before I begin with my tips for the actual packing process, one of the most important things you can do, is have a great bag. One of my favorites is The Mother Lode by eBags. This bag is absolutely amazing. I have packed for 2 weeks in this bag over and over again and it hasn't failed me yet!

Okay, now down to the details. 


Tip #1: Pack clothes that can mix-and-match.

 It's easy to get excited about ALL THE CLOTHES that you want to bring, but focus on packing basics that can mix and match since clothing takes up the most space.

Accessorize your outfits to create the unique/varied looks or to add pops of color throughout your trip. Accessories are usually smaller & lighter than clothing Items and can change up the look a lot!

For 2 weeks, depending on where I am going and what activities I am doing, I will pack 4-5 bottoms and 5-6 tops. They should all or almost all be able to coordinate with each other. 


Tip #2: Roll your clothes

 Are you a folder or a buncher?

When It comes to packing, you should be neither.

Roll your clothes up! You can fit several more Items In when they are rolled up. I don't know what kind of magic this is, but I can usually fit twice as many clothes by doing it this way.


Tip #3: Wear your bulky Items

Don't pack those bulky Items- wear a few on the plane, especially layers!

Some of my favorite bulky Items to wear are:

  • -boots
  • -thick sweaters
  • -pants
  • -jackets
  • -hats


Do you have any handy tips that you have found to travel lighter? We would love to hear from you on what tips you can share.


Sarah Line
Sarah Line

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