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September 18, 2020 2 min read

As I’m sure a lot of you have seen, we launched a campaign today called “it’s about people”.

This isn’t anything new, of course, we’ve been hash tagging #itsaboutpeople since the very beginning of IVY.

I guess this time we’re doubling down on this idea and making it more than just a hashtag - Now it’s a statement, part of our core values, something we live by. 

We also wanted to take this opportunity to take the attention OFF something specific and put it ON the amazing people that make this brand what it is.

What in the world could I be talking about? I’ll tell you. 


We’re sick of the overly produced bullshit instagram aesthetic that everyone is so obsessed with. 

I never really thought about it too much. We craft a beautiful product, and beautiful people purchase it, and it photographs beautifully.

It all sounds pretty harmless, but like anyone in 2019, we became obsessed with the way we portrayed ourselves, our brand and our products through these tiny little photos that make up 0.000001% of your life. 

Yeah I know, we’re a brand, so we’re off the hook. 

We’re selling a product, so we’re allowed to portray that product however we need to make sales, right?

Maybe that’s ok for other brands, but we are not other brands - I hope you all know this by now. 


Hi. We’re IVY. 

We believe that life is all about people. 

We exist to create community and shape a culture of belonging through our brand. 

It is our heart and passion to encourage, inspire and motivate people wherever they are at. 

Our latest crazy idea is to take people on adventures all over the world with us. It’s awesome. 

We’re extremely raw, ultra authentic, gritty, dangerous at times, and we don’t give a shit about instagram aesthetic. 


What we do care about is people. 

So from now on, we’re gonna spend a little bit more time celebrating people and the community that continues to inspire us every single day, and a little less time making sure all the photos in our feed fit  a color palette or some stupid specific guidelines. 


Because to us, it’s not about likes.

It’s not about pleasing the algorithm.

It’s not about the perfect aesthetic.

It’s not about fitting in.

It’s not even about selling a product. 


It’s about connecting with others. 

It’s about doing something we believe in. 

It’s about shaping a culture of belonging. 

It’s about making our world a better place. 

It’s about people

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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