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October 23, 2020 2 min read

Since the beginning of IVY, I have had a dream. A dream to do more than sell another product, a dream to create space for people that didn't feel like they belong. A space I was never able to find for myself, so I decided to create it. 

How could I create such a thing? How do I create something that only exists in my heart, and I can’t find the words to articulate or even name it? I’ve come to learn that most of what I feel, others feel too. The second I find the courage to speak it, I find my people. So what do I need to create this space?

I 10,000% believe that we were all put on this earth with a purpose. We have a unique purpose and dream in our hearts since the day we were born. 

I think this dream can express itself in many different ways throughout your life. But there’s always that one thing that is just too special to ignore or deny. That thing that ripples through cultures all across the world and resonates with people from all different kinds of backgrounds, ages and religions. This thing is a feeling but it’s more than that - it’s tangible. It carries a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. It’s your deepest calling. What do you think that is for you?

For me, that’s what I believe IVY is.

IVY is the legacy I want to leave in this world and what I get to share with you all now. And YES it will continue to change and evolve and grow. All great things do. But I have never felt more confident in the direction we are going with this brand. 

IVY is a sense of belonging, acceptance and WILD adventures. We want to create a space for others to exist in that feels different. We want to invite all sorts of weirdos, misfits, prom kings and queens, business owners, preppies and dirtbags into this space. All of this is for you.

IVY is no longer just a longboard brand or just a lifestyle brand that also takes adventures.

No, this is our stake in the ground. IVY is an adventure brand, and a team of activators, using our platform as a catalyst to help others find belonging, experience wild adventures and feel empowered in their purpose.

You're invited too!

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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