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September 17, 2020 2 min read

I love giving away boards.

It's my favorite part about owning a longboard company. If it was up to me, I'd just give longboards away all the time, but Corey won't let me. As much as he likes giving boards away too - someone has to be the responsible one. It's this running joke that as the owner of a longboard company, I NEVER have my own board. It always ends up in the hands of a cute kid who seems to like the board more than I do.

From day 1 we have wanted to be a company that gave back. We are not a non-profit. We are a for-profit company that is intentional with the money we have and the impact we want to make. The problem was that we didn't want it to be a gimmick or a marketing idea that we created out of thin air to build our platform. We wanted to take a platform we already had and let something naturally develop where we could make change.  

I am so very happy and excited to announce IVY M.A.D. program!

The IVY M.A.D. program is our vehicle to partner with others and make impact in our communities and around the world. Here's the thought: We are not able to make the impact we would like to make because we are not a massive company by any means. However, I am not going to allow our current circumstance to determine the impact we are able to make. I know there are so many people who love and support the mission of IVY but are not necessarily going to buy a longboard for themselves. I know there are also so many businesses who have organizations they love and support. We want to be a tool they can use to sponsor and support the mission of their favorite organizations. 

Longboards can be used in many ways. Organizations can use them for promotions, marketing, giveaways. It would be a huge asset for an organization to have 50 boards they were giving away around the country with the purpose of building their email list. It would be great for organizations that work with kids to have boards on hand that could be used in free time and 

Example: Someone recently handed us a check for the purpose of building boards for an after school mentorship program they love and support. They were looking for a new way to bless and support this organization and IVY M.A.D. was a great tool for them to use. Now this organization will have a bunch of boards for their kids to use. 

We are officially launching IVY M.A.D. next Tuesday, May 15th! Can't wait to see the impact that comes out of this program, and can't wait to Make A Difference TOGETHER. 

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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