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June 14, 2022 3 min read

Hello friends,
Now that it really feels like summer, we could not be more stoked for our upcoming adventures through these next couple of months. We have some really exciting trips coming up! We have Costa Rica M.A.D. in June and Alaska in July.
As a brand, we are committed to supporting organizations all over the world by bringing funding + teams to complete top projects needed to move humanitarian aid goals forward. In this monthly blog, we want to emphasize our highlight on our upcoming M.A.D. adventure to Costa Rica with Saving Hearts Together. 
First off, you may be wondering, what is M.A.D.
M.A.D. stands for Make A Difference, and it is on these Make A Difference trips where we, as IVY, get to collaborate with YOU to help and support organizations all over the world. 
On our M.A.D. trips, you don’t need a specialty skill to join – we help organize and lead our team in ways that can use everyone’s abilities to move projects forward. This is the kind of work that we get excited about! Our M.A.D. trips aren’t all work though – we know you want adventure, and you’ll get that too. On our trip to Costa Rica, we will have the chance to white water raft, do a zip line course, learn about local culture, and so much more.
While in Costa Rica, we will be helping fund and build a safe house for this amazing program: Saving Hearts Together.
Saving Hearts Together is restoring the lives of children in Costa Rica who have been removed from the sex trade by providing a live-in program that meets their physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs. Saving Hearts is unique in that it provides the children with a variety of holistic therapies and ongoing support after they graduate from the program.
We will be helping fund and build a safe house for this program. It will require a lot of labor of love from us, and as a team, we will work together to make a difference to these children. This upcoming trip to Costa Rica was recently sold-out (super exciting!) and we could not be more thrilled.
If you are interested in joining a future M.A.D. trip – keep an eye out on our website + social media platforms (@theivybrand & @ivyadventures) for future adventures! We would love to have you join us.
As an adventure brand run by people who LOVE to adventure ourselves and do it often, we realized we have so much to offer our community! We will be offering our audience value through our experiences with adventure brands/products that we travel with and use in real-world scenarios. We will be sharing more of our favorite brands as well as our experiences with these products! One of our favorite products that most of our team enjoy is Danner boots.Danner boots have gotten us and some members on our team through mountains, across rivers, lakes, and even through Minnesota winters; Incredible for daily use, hiking, and built to last a lifetime.
Thinking about purchasing a pair for yourself? We have some links for you guys! While yes, we will receive a small commission when you purchase from our affiliate links – it is really a way to add more value to our community established here at IVY through recommending products that will make it easier and more fun for you to adventure and travel!
If you are interested here are some links to our Danner favorites:
Some other great Danner options: 
Thanks for checking out our June blog and be sure to check out our website + socials for future IVY M.A.D. adventures! We’re stoked to get out to Costa Rica and make a difference with Saving Hearts Together!
Written by Sabrina Noble
Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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