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October 08, 2020 4 min read

Launching a trip during a pandemic sounded pretty crazy at first, but as we thought more about it, it just FELT right. So we launched our first Ladies Only trip- Hiking in Colorado!
And now that we just wrapped the trip up all we can say is WOW! These ladies showed up physically, mentally, and emotionally. They surrounded each other as they faced new challenges, cheered each other's victories, overcame some fears, and pushed their limits of what they had previously thought they couldn't do. And they did it all while creating moments that had us laughing so hard our stomachs hurt- which was a good break from our legs after we wore them out adventuring through the mountains!
Here is a summary of our top 5 favorite moments:
1. Hiking through the Black Canyon of Gunnison- The Grand Canyon is.... well, grand, but the BLACK canyon is just breathtaking. We found several trails to walk along the canyon, and with each turn was another breathtaking view. We made friends with some chipmunks, climbed up, down and around the beautiful cliffs, and best of all, no one died. See photo for Sarah + Mads showing true team spirit.
2. Yodeling at the top of Telluride- you heard us, yodeling. Maybe literally you heard us as we yodeled our hearts out into the valley, giggling with glee when we heard our echo yodel back. Strange looks are not unknown to us, but neither was spontaneous laughter from those around us. There are probably several people telling a story of a group of lively women who were yodeling in one of the most beautiful places on earth as the golden fall leaves splashed the valleys and hills with gorgeous glows while the sunset. 
3. Little Hawaii + Hot Springs. First it was cold, then it was hot. We hit ALL the waters on this trip. One of our teammates engages in cold water soaking, which has many health benefits. After a stunning hike through the woods, several of us jumped in the icy cold mountain stream in one of the most gorgeous natural waterfalls you will find. It was a rush, it sparked joy, accomplishment + hope and it was BEAUTIFUL all around. But then we brought it full circle by dipping our exhausted (but happy) souls in the healing waters of a hot springs while the stars glittered above us and we soaked up, body and soul, the goodness of those glorious hours.
4. Team yoga- so you know, there are those ideas that look really cool in your head, but reality is another story? Yeah.... team yoga was all of that and more! One of our teammates is a yoga instructor and led us in a beautiful outdoor yoga class at the foothills of the San Juan mountains. But then after that, we decided to try some.... more advanced, multi-person yoga poses. Our stomachs hurt, not from the poses, but by the hilarity of what we were trying to accomplish and some of our favorite photo takes from our flops and our successes. We hope you enjoy the result of our labor! We know we will for years to come.
5. Blue Lakes- As with the previous 4 highlights, photos fall blandly short of the glorious energy encompassing our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies. One cannot appreciate the true majesty of this highlight without being there (so.... suggestion: Sign up here to get an alert list for our 2021 trip so you can join before it fills up!!). That being said, this was a figurative and literal high for many of us as we trekked up the mountain as the sun flirted with the mountaintops + treetops. It took our breath away. Well, that and the 11,000 foot elevation we were scaling! As we persevered, we were rewarded with a glorious, crystal clear blue lake at the top of the mountain crater. Some of us *ahem, no names to protect the innocent* couldn't resist stripping down and jumping in that perfect blue pool, feeling more light, free, and happy than we had in a long time. It was a moment that bolstered our spirits, blew our minds, and gave us a little nugget of quiet confidence in who we were and all we had accomplished. Bonus life hack: never forget to bring your hot sauce everywhere.
SO there you have it- a little snippet of our very successful pandemic ladies only trip. With life comes all kinds of challenges, and you can choose to continue on your weary way, or you can dig in, surround yourself with an amazing community, and OWN every single day of your life and make it the life you want to be living. We are humbled, grateful and so thankful for our community today, and every day. We hope you'll join us to be a part of it in the future. After all, you must never forget- you BELONG.
Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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