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May 17, 2022 7 min read

Hello friends! We are SO excited to start a new monthly blog series. Each month, we will be putting out a blog encapsulating all things IVY, and we cannot wait to share them with you! 
We do not know about you, but we cannot believe it is already MAY! May has always been such an inspiring month. For any of our fellow Minnesotans out there, May is really when the year kicks off. Sun is shining, temps are warming up, and in general, everyone is happy that summer is just around the corner!
In this month’s blog, we are going to highlight our team, adventures coming up, and our mission for non-profits!
So, to start it off, our team is growing! Lately, we’ve added some pretty rad individual. We are ecstatic for the future of IVY! We are an adventure brand that believes life is about people, and we are so thrilled to have the team that we have. We want to highlight team members, and what better way to do so than ask a couple of questions? We asked our team 3 questions…and they delivered.
  • What is your favorite place you have visited?
  • What are you most excited for this summer?
  • What is a challenge that you have recently overcome?
Sarah: CEO
  • “South Africa is one of my favorite places! It is full of life, culture, animals & adventure! And the food is insane - good food is always a dealbreaker for me when deciding where to go!”
  • “I’m excited for our Make A Difference trip in Costa Rica. I grew up wanting to change the world, and every time I see our community funding & building projects, I see YOU all changing the world with me, and my heart screams for joy.”
  • “I’ve been learning to embrace. Embrace everything - myself and others. Letting go of the need to control literally anything, and just embracing everything that comes my way - the good and the difficult. All of it, because that’s where life is lived.”
Steve: Owner
  • “Iceland was one of my favorite places I visited. I loved how rural it felt and how the entire focus was outdoors. I felt really connected to nature there.”
  • “Skydiving and being outdoors without my skin hurting. I’m excited for motorcycles and picnics.”
  • “Learning more and more that adventure and the growth that comes from it can be found in everyday life and that travel is a part of that, but you don’t have to go far from home to find an adventure.”
Ameliyah: Trip Leader/Research & Development
  • “Probably northern Thailand! I learned a lot about myself and the world the first time I visited.”
  • “I’m excited for the trips I have planned this summer! M.A.D. trip to Costa Rica and whale watching in Colombia.”
  • “A challenge I have overcome recently is a new bout of anxiety. I recognized that I needed something to change which can be scary for me.”
Tiffany: Operations Manager
  • “Favorite place has definitely got to be Greece. From the ruins of Athens to the mountains of Delphi and Meteora you feel such a deep connection to the power of those great ones so long ago. The islands hold such a spectacular and breathtaking beauty!” 
  • “With the summer approaching, I’m most excited for days at the beach with family and friends.”
  • “A challenge I’ve recently overcome is stepping boldly into a new chapter of life as a single mom. I’m discovering a beauty and strength that has been my backbone but a hidden treasure for so long and getting to walk it out in much greater vulnerability, authenticity, and freedom.”
Sabrina: Community Development Manager
  • “I was born and raised in Oregon and honestly Oregon is one of my favorite places still. There is so much beauty there, despite the rain, haha. Otherwise, I really loved being up in the mountains in Colorado (PSA: All ladies hiking trip is a blast!)”
  • “This summer I am excited for bonfire season and just being outside more in general. I’m so ready for warm weather!”
  • “I’ve discovered recently how important it is to do what’s best for you. I really love the quote from IVY’s Instagram: “Live the life you dream of—Not the one others expect of you”! It’s so true. We only live one, short life…might as well live it to the fullest.”
Val: Account Manager
  • “Thailand! My experience was definitely something I won’t ever forget, it’s beautiful, the people are so friendly and the coffee is amazing!!”
  • “Summer…well of course nice weather but also going on adventures, new experiences, family time.”
  • “Challenge… haha or challenges!! Recently divorced-letting go of what I thought life would be like for me. Taking a new lease on life and living it the way I want and not being afraid to go after it. Living for myself, not anyone else, life is too short!”
Dawn: Client Liaison
  • “Favorite place: that’s difficult for me to answer. Each place we’ve traveled has a favorite experience or takeaway. I’d go back to Iceland or Vietnam in a heartbeat. I want to explore more in each place but especially explore more of Vietnam on two wheels in the countryside and mountains.”
  • “This summer, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and seeing the tall ships in MN. There never seems to be enough time with family as I grow older and have moved away from home again.”
  • “I’ve taken a hobby and turned it into a business. I love doing things for others, so it’s hard for me to put my product out there for others to buy; I’m used to giving things away for free. I look forward to the challenges ahead as I grow my small business!”
We hope you enjoyed getting to know our team a little better! Next, we want to highlight our upcoming trips and adventures.
Costa Rica M.A.D. in June (18th-26th)
Alaska in July (7th-12th)
Ladies Colorado Hiking Trip in October (6th-10th)
Sailing the Caribbean in October (30th - Nov 4th)
As you can see, we have some really fun trips happening SO soon! We are stoked for these trips, and they are coming up very quickly here!
In June, we will be heading to Costa Rica for our M.A.D. adventure! IVY M.A.D. stands for Make A Difference. As a brand, we are committed to helping and supporting organizations all over the world and have a goal to fund over One Million dollars in projects in the next 3 years. Both our owners have lived overseas and volunteered for organizations fighting sex trafficking, so the cause is very close to our hearts. ​​There, we will be helping fund and build a safe house for this program. We are so excited to help make a difference and to see the beautiful country of Costa Rica! If you are interested in coming with us to Costa Rica, click here!
In July, we will be heading to Alaska! We will be hiking, backpack camping on a 3-day mountain tour, exploring, 4 wheeling in the mountains, kayaking through glaciers, learning new skills, and building life-long relationships with amazing, like-minded humans. It is going to be such a great time exploring the backcountry of the United States. If you are interested in taking part in this adventure, click here!
In October, we are heading to the beautiful mountains of Colorado for our all ladies hiking trip! This will be our third annual ladies hiking trip, and we could not be more stoked. The past two years have been an absolute blast; the ladies you will meet on this trip are such amazing humans. This trip is a mix of all the best things - breathtaking hikes, canyons, hot springs, and, of course, tons of laughs and conversations with each other. Seriously – it is the best time! If you are interested in this trip, click here
Also in October, we will be sailing the Caribbean! We have been sailing the waters of the Caribbean for almost a decade - and we are thrilled to get back to the beautiful waters. From snorkeling to hiking, beach bars, and more, this is truly an adventure of a lifetime - this is an all-inclusive trip on a beautiful 50' catamaran! One of our favorite things about this trip is that YOU get to learn and be involved in every aspect! Instead of hiring a cook, WE enjoy family-style meals that we cook together. Instead of bringing in a skipper, Steve is the skipper and can teach you as well! This trip has sold out 4 years in a row, so if you want to come join us, we suggest you put down your deposit! If you want to join us this October, click here
As a travel brand, we want to be able to not only show you all of these amazing places but also develop a sense of community. While we have all of these amazing trips coming up, they wouldn’t be the adventure that they are without each one of you who takes part in these trips. It is our mission that we believe that every person deserves to be seen, feel heard, and find spaces to belong. Whether you have been on a trip with us, or you just follow us on social media, we strive to create a welcoming space for everybody. 
We are ecstatic to be moving swiftly toward our non-profit missions! IVY started long before we were an actual company. We started leading everyone we could find to rally with us through humanitarian trips to support non-profits that needed help getting to the next phase of their operations to create long-lasting impact. After bringing everyone from atheists to Christians, democrats, republicans, vegans, meat-eaters, and everything in-between, we saw a special kind of magic emerge in their relationships. Friendships were forged through connection. Through purpose. Through adventure that challenged the "ruts," everyone tends to get stuck in. We realized that travel was a powerful tool and started studying it more in earnest, designing our trips to replicate powerful results. January 2023 is our targeted date for Corporate America to be able to offer humanitarian trips as an employee benefit to their workforce. We are excited to be moving rapidly towards this goal and we are committed to funding $1 Million in projects in the next 3 years! Interested in learning more? Follow our Make A Difference journey here: https://www.ivyadventures.com/ripple
Throughout this month of May, we encourage you to go outside and explore your surroundings. Even if that is your city or neighborhood, there is so much life and experience to be had. You don’t always have to fly or drive far away from your home to experience adventure; it might sound cliché, but adventure is waiting for you right outside your door. Adventure isn't just activities like hiking or cliff diving, adventure is also the simple things. Maybe it’s going to a new trail, exploring a new coffee shop, or even trying a new activity in your area. Adventure is what fuels YOU to live an exciting and fulfilling life. We hope that this month of May can give you the inspiration to explore your surroundings. Let us know what you are thinking of doing this month – we would love to hear about your adventures! We’re rooting for you.
The IVY Team <3
Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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