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June 23, 2021 2 min read

Hello friends! We talk all the time about community, and it’s not because it’s a buzz word, or something came up with in a marketing meeting, or something we use just to sell products - it’s because we’ve experienced the power of community ourselves and the way it can change your life. How the feeling of belonging is so incredibly powerful and empowering and activating. It’s something we all need, whether we know it or not. Our ONE mission, if we had to boil it down, is to shape a culture of belonging so that people will be empowered into their purpose. YES, we want to have wild adventures and travel and all the things…But it’s all so people can feel encouraged to be more themselves and to pursue the things that really make them come alive. 

I (Steve) was talking to a friend the other day and I was telling her about IVY. She couldn’t understand the trips and how they worked. She couldn’t believe that we would just open up a trip and ANYONE who wanted to join, could. She definitely couldn’t believe that we’d never had a bad experience doing things this way. Not even once. 

The way I see it is that we attract the type of energy we put out there. We work really hard to put out good and positive energy, so it’s no surprise that we get that back. The people reading this are a testament to that idea. 

I told her about how magical it is for a group of people to come together as complete strangers and leave a week later as family. The moments that happen within that week that could never be replicated. The conversations that are had that couldn’t be had anywhere else. The walls that come down within us, that no-one else could take down. It all happens within the construct of a meaningful and safe community. Everything we do is meant to foster that feeling. The size of our trips, the places we go, the people we appoints as leaders…it’s all incredibly intentional. My team and I are stubborn as hell and core to a fault. We wouldn’t even dare sell something that wasn’t life changing for people. 

As I was telling my friend about all these things, she looked me dead in the eyes and quietly said, “I need that”. 

The truth is, I think we all need this, now more than ever. People are lonely, looking for wild adventures, looking for connection. Everybody wants a place to belong. I hope that IVY can be that place for you. Whether you ever join a trip or not, I hope that when you come into contact with this brand you feel and KNOW that you belong. Not just fit in, but belong. Exactly as you are. 

IF you wanna have a hell of a time, in a beautiful place, with amazing people, join an IVY trip. I will personally guarantee that you won’t regret it. As life is busy and hard and overwhelming, remember our creed:

Don’t forget to ADVENTURE! 

Love you all,


Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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