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September 18, 2020 3 min read

I love to travel. I feel like any time I do travel, my perspective is opened up and all the sudden, anything is possible. I love the feeling of going to sleep and knowing that in the morning, I would be embarking on a wild adventure in a new and far off place. A place where nothing is familiar and all things are a new experience! A place where I may not speak the language or know how to get to the closest bathroom. A place where the food is different and the people are different and the houses are different. It's all a very wonderful experience and I think if I traveled for the rest of my life, it still wouldn't satisfy my insatiable desire to be lost.

What do you think of when you hear the word travel? Do you imagine sitting at a window seat on a plane, looking out at the tropical island you are about to stay on for a few days? Do you think of wandering the streets of New York? Or backpacking across Europe? All of those are amazing trips that I dream to go on, but when I hear the word travel, I think of something that allows me to look at my travels from a different perspective. I think of the word adventure...The word adventure means many things to me - It means trying something new. It means late night trips to the grocery store. It even means the journey of being in a relationship. Adventure can mean a lot of things, and when you pair it with the word travel, I think you discover a new understanding of yourself and how you intentionally interact with the people around you. 

I love how traveling broadens your perspective of life. It enables you to see more of the beautiful world we live in. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different culture. To travel is to embark on an adventure where it is only you, the clothes on your back, and the ones you’re with. Traveling allows you to take a break from normal. It allows you to escape, even if just for a week.

Whenever I have traveled somewhere, especially somewhere new, I find myself appreciating my life more than before. I appreciate the world around me more. I appreciate myself more. I even see my material belongings as less important, which creates a stronger inward love for myself rather than a love for what I look like on the outside and what material things I own. 


While there are so many things that I could talk about how travel has changed the way I look at the world, by far the most impactful thing about traveling and seeking adventure is all of the people you meet along the way. Some of my most memorable moments from traveling have been from meeting unique and incredible individuals that inspire me to live a more meaningful life. I have met people who live boldly, with an intention to make their life their own, not letting anyone hold them back. The people I have met have taught me to appreciate the little things. To appreciate and relish in the moments where all you can do is take a deep breath, and be joyful of that moment. People make up this world, why would we want to miss out on meeting people completely different to us? Every one of us has something to give when we meet someone new. 


Next time you travel somewhere, take a deep breath, and appreciate where you are. Meet someone new, tell them a story and listen to theirs. Relish in stepping out of your comfort zone and love every moment of the adventure of this beautiful life. 



-Alexander Martin

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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