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January 07, 2021 2 min read

How do some people die so young and others live to be old? 

One study was done on a village called Roseto - they compared dozens of factors for why these inhabitants lived 30-35% longer on average. Not only did they live longer, but their hearts were stronger, addiction was non-existent, and stress levels were at all time lows. Researchers looked at diet, exercise, environment, habits, and many other factors.

Researchers were baffled as they examined every factor they could think of as an explanation, and eventually came to the scientific conclusion that this close-knit community WAS what was keeping each other alive longer and healthier. 

This community consistently engaged with each other, had meaningful relationships, conversations and multi-generations often lived in the same house. 

Being slightly skeptical of this, I did a little bit of my own research. Countries have a scale of Individualism (the rate at which people watch out for themselves/immediate family only and have a strong sense of themselves separate from others), as well as collectivism (how much they function as a collective country, taking into consideration extended family members, more of society, etc). I pulled up individualism scales and put them beside a world health ranking chart of coronary diseases. Countries with low individualism: Ecuador, Portugal, Chile. Guess which countries have some of the lowest coronary disease rates? Ecuador, Portugal, Chile.

Some of us were naturally blessed with family that was our strong base of community. Some of us have had to leave toxic relationships. Some of us are still trying to change the course of our lives because we believe that there is more that we want for ourselves, and for the generations ahead.

I don’t think that these amazing findings are limited by country. We have this opportunity to create community within our own country. But what is our culture?

At IVY, we believe we are better together. We are strong. We are world-changers. We are artists. We are adventurers. We are catalysts. We are doers. We are inventors. We are not a political belief, but rather a platform of our own. We are a platform of belonging, of love. You don’t have to be anything specific to belong here. You just have to see the good, and be the good. Put those good vibes out. Shine your light bright, don’t worry if it’s too bright for others… you’ll fit right in here. And we will be cheering you on. 

As an introvert, I often find myself in the corner of a room at a party, awkwardly making conversation with another introvert. But as I have tumbled along my way in life, I started realizing how important the people around me are. I often need to be reminded of who I am as the ups and downs of life batter my soul. As I try new things and fail. Life is hard, and we need really GOOD people in our lives.

Are you someone’s heart-maker?

Don’t forget that the power you hold with your mere presence in the lives of those around you and don't forget the power of community!


- Sarah Line - Owner of IVY and Adventure Leader

Steve Weigel
Steve Weigel

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