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Why Mexico is a fantastic place to vacation.

3 min read

We recently took the IVY core team down to Playa Del Carmen for a retreat to dream, strategize and set goals for the rest of this year and 2023.

3 Spooky Airbnbs

2 min read

For one of our favorite seasons all year, we made a list of the three spookiest AirBnb's you can rent and stay in!

Minnesota Fall Leaves Itinerary

7 min read

Fall is a wonderful time of year! The crisp temperatures, crackling fires and pumpkin spice everything. One of the most beautiful aspects of fall time of year here in Minnesota, are the vibrant colors as all living things transition toward slumber for the long winter ahead. 

Travel Trips from Travel Experts

7 min read

Hey everyone! I’m Sabrina, I’m a part of the team here at IVY. If your anything like me, you love travel tips from the best people, aka Sarah and Steve. If you need any travel advice, Sarah and Steve are YOUR people.

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