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2 min read

IVY is a sense of belonging, acceptance and WILD adventures. We want to create a space for others to exist in that feels different. We want to invite all sorts of weirdos, misfits, prom kings and queens, business owners, preppies and dirtbags into this space. All of this is for you.

Ladies Adventure Recap!

4 min read

Launching a trip during a pandemic sounded pretty crazy at first, but as we thought more about it, it just FELT right. So we launched our first Ladies Only trip- Hiking in Colorado!

Don't forget to ADVENTURE

3 min read

We believe that so many people have a deep longing to travel the world, a willingness to adventure to places not many people go, and a desire to experience new things that grow and challenge your perspective. So why doesn't everyone do it?

The perfect 7-day Colorado road trip itinerary

9 min read

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