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Covid 19 Travel

The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly affected us all in different ways, but travel has been affected more than almost any other industry. As a travel brand, we do believe that life doesn't stop with COVID, but instead to be aware, alert, proactive, and handle each situation to the best of our ability.
What does this mean for you? It means that while we are moving forward with allowing our community to book trips, we might have to adjust when we go, activities on the trip, and other considerations. We will work with each individual the best that we can to either reschedule a trip or refund them if they are not able to attend a make up trip. 
Q: Do I have to have a COVID test to travel? 
A: We encourage anyone attending an IVY trip to be screened prior to arriving. We are often in close quarters of each other and feel it's our responsibility to protect each other. Some countries are requiring a negative COVID test, or a recent positive antibody test prior to entering their country. 
Q: What happens if we aren't physically allowed to our destination?
A: We have been working on creative solutions to offer similar location/activities as an option for those that still want to go somewhere and have the time off of work. If we are unable to find something suitable, we may push the trip to a later date. If you feel this is not an acceptable option for you, we will work to reimburse you for any money you have paid in. 
Q: Is it safe to even be traveling during COVID?
A: Transmission rates in airpolanes are remarkably low because of the precautions that are being taken. In addition to the airlines working diligently to sanitize and create a safe experience, most of our activities are outdoors, which is also creating a lower risk opportunity for our community. 
Any more specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Community@theivybrand.com

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