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Costa Rica Make A Difference Corporate Donation

As a brand, we are committed to supporting organizations all over the world by bringing funding + teams to complete top projects needed to move their humanitarian aid goals forward. 

IVY has a goal to fund over One Million dollars in projects in the next 5 years.

IVY is organizing and leading a team of volunteers, tradespeople & supporters on a short term trip to create long term impact. We will be helping fund and build a safe-house for children rescued by Saving Hearts Together.

Join IVY in financial partnership, putting a stop to sex trafficking in Costa Rica. IVY is working with Saving Hearts Together, restoring the lives of children in Costa Rica who have been removed from the sex trade. By partnering financially you will be providing a live-in program that meets the children's physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs.

$5000 Donation:

This amount will fund the materials needed to lay a foundation and start the shell of a safe house dormitory.

Donating company will receive:

  • Recognition in our community of over 13,000 (via email & socials)
  • A custom gift made from the girls you're helping in Costa Rica.

$10,000 Donation:

This will fund enough materials to completely finish the inside of a safe house dormitory.

Donating company will receive:

  • All of the above plus:
  • The option to send one person from your company on the trip.
  • Photos from the project

$25,000 Donation:

This will fund an entire safe house dormitory from the ground up!

Donating company will receive:

  • All previous benefits, along with:
  • The option to send two people from your company on the trip.

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